Woman Awarded 2 Million in Truck Accident Claim

A Florida jury has awarded a $2 Million settlement to a Jacksonville woman who sustained serious injuries in a Florida truck accident. The woman, Cynthia Deen, suffered several herniated discs in her neck in 2007 when an air-conditioning truck struck her car. Deen was slowing for a traffic signal when the truck driver, who allegedly fell asleep at the wheel, failed to slow down and rear-ended Deen’s vehicle. The truck driver’s company, who was insured by AIG, covered $500,000 of Deen’s medical costs.

However, Deen’s attorneys asked her own insurer, State Farm, to pay her $300,000, but State Farm refuses and offered to pay her only a $225,000 settlements. The case was taken to court, during which State Farm argued that Deen’s ruptured discs were a pre-existing condition and that she had exaggerated her claims of back pain.

Deen claimed that her injuries from the accident limited her ability to continue working for her court reporting business, because she can no longer sit for long periods while typing. As a result of the lawsuit, the court awarded Deen $2 million, which will be offset by the $500,000 that AIG has already been ordered to pay.

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