Sinkholes Threaten Homes in Central Florida

A recent string of sinkholes has opened up in an area east of Tampa and is threatening citrus crops and homes. Geologists are blaming the phenomenon on this winter’s unusually cold weather.

It seems that in order to protect their strawberry crops from being destroyed this season, growers in the area pumped water from nearby wells and sprayed it over their plants. As the water turned to ice, it gave off heat which prevented any considerable frost damage. Problems arose recently when too much use of the underlying groundwater lead to a 60-foot-drop in aquifer levels and the ground began to give way. At least 22 new sinkholes have been reported as of this posting, including one beneath an interstate highway.

The biggest problem area is near Dover, Florida in Hillsborough County, just east of Tampa. While the bigger buildings in downtown areas are thought to be safe from sinkholes (due to the downward pressure that packs the soil beneath them), smaller homes in the agricultural regions are vulnerable to serious damage.

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