U S Meteorologists Predict Busy 2010 Hurricane Season

Batten down the hatches, Florida! U.S. meteorologists are predicting a busier-than-average hurricane season, saying that 2010 will see a high number of tropical storms. Weather specialists from Colorado State University are predicting the development of up to 16 named storms, with as many as 8 hurricanes; 5 of which may have sustained winds of more than 111 miles per hour.

The meteorologists admit that their estimations may vary due to the fact that Atlantic basin conditions can change significantly by the beginning of the hurricane season. But their forecast includes a 64% chance that a major hurricane will make landfall on U.S. soil during the 2010 season.

For updates and information about the latest news regarding hurricanes, you can visit The National Hurricane Center website. The site provides constant updates and satellite imagery of any major storm activity that may affect the United States, including Florida. There are also instructions on making the necessary hurricane preparations, such as:

  • Developing a family plan
  • Creating a disaster supply kit
  • Having a safe place to go
  • Securing your home
  • Having a plan for your pets

Being informed and prepared is the best way to prevent a disaster during Florida’s hurricane season, which begins officially on June 1.

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