Florida Legislature Votes To Increase Weight Limits for Large Trucks

May 21, 2010 – Safety experts in Florida have voiced opposition to a recently passed Florida transportation bill that would increase the maximum weight limit for tractor-trailers traveling in Florida from the federally set limits of 80,000 to 88,000 pounds. This represents a 4 ton increase.

According to the Miami Herald, the provision, part of HR 1271, is awaiting a signature by Gov. Charlie Crist to go into effect. The Florida Sheriffs Association, the Florida Safety Council, the state Association of Professional EMTs and even the Teamsters have come out against the measure, saying that it puts Florida drivers at unnecessary risk and will cause significant damage to Florida’s roads and overpasses.

The provision would allow the heavier trucks on state roads only-not federal highways or interstates-which means that the heavier vehicles will be traveling on secondary roads in Florida, like the notorious State Route 520.

Heavier trucks on Florida highways mean greater risk of serious injury in the event of a Florida truck accident. Heavier trucks are slower to stop and are more prone to rollover accidents, both factors which have serious implications for the safety of all Florida drivers.

Considering that an estimated 260 Florida residents died in 2008 as a result of truck accidents, it is important that the government does what it can to reduce and address the issues that may factor into a Florida truck accident.

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