New Toyota Recall Includes More Than 1 5 Million Vehicles With Brake I

October 21, 2010 Toyota has announced news of another recall of its vehicles, including some models from the Lexus brand and the Avalon.

The voluntary automotive recall will include a total of 1.53 million vehicles worldwide, with roughly 740,000 recalled Toyotas in the United States. The current Toyota recall comes after reports of issues with leaking brake fluid and fuel pump problems in the affected cars.

Toyota, the world’s best-selling car manufacturer, has had a troublesome 2010 with more than 10 million vehicles recalled throughout the world. Earlier Toyota recalls were attributed to issues with unintended acceleration, braking issues and stalling engines, among other problems.

According to a story from Orlando Sentinel , the current Toyota recall has not yet come with any reports of accidents, injury or death. Previous recalls did include cases involving serious accident injuries and even fatalities.

The latest voluntary Toyota recall includes the following models sold in the U.S.:

  • Avalon (2005-2006);
  • Highlander (non-Hybrid, 2004-2006);
  • Lexus RX330;
  • Lexus GS300 (2006);
  • Lexus IS250; and
  • Lexus IS350.

Officials from Toyota have downplayed the most recent recall, saying that it is simply a precautionary measure and that there is very little danger to consumers. However, if you have used a brake fluid in your recalled Toyota vehicle other than the factory-standard brake fluid and have experienced issues with braking capability, be particularly alert. Affected consumers will begin receiving official notice of the recall in early November.

Contacting a Central Florida Product Liability Attorney

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