Tips to Avoid Rear-End Car Accidents

With hundreds of traffic collisions in Florida every year, there is always a chance that you may be in an accident from another driver’s negligence each time you get behind the wheel. As rear-end car accidents, also known as fender benders, are an extremely common form of collision, if you get hit, it will often be from behind. But just because you might be in a traffic collision doesn’t mean you have to be. With careful driving and proper training, anyone can take precautions to help avoid this common form of collision.

What can I do to avoid rear-end car accidents?

Always keep the following tips in mind when setting out on Florida roadways, as they may prevent a dangerous and damaging rear-end accident one day:

  • Routine maintenance: You should get your car serviced at least once a year to check for typical failures. Be sure your mechanic is also inspecting the condition of your brake lights. Fender benders often occur when a driver has malfunctioning brake lights.
  • Turn completely: If you have begun making a turn, especially after coming to a complete stop at a red light or stop sign, it is important not to stop suddenly while the tail end of your car is still in the lane. An inattentive driver might assume you’re going to be out of their lane, unaware that you only went halfway through the turn.
  • Check your blind spots: When you need to change lanes – or if you have to suddenly swerve to avoid an obstruction in the road – you must be aware of drivers in your blind spot. If you aren’t, you could get right in front of someone unexpectedly, causing a rear-end collision.
  • Never tailgate: Following too closely behind another driver does not allow a safe zone between your vehicles should the front motorist have to make an abrupt stop. Remember the 3 Second Rule – if they pass a spot on the road, it should take you 3 seconds to pass it as well.
  • Drive predictably: If you operate your car in a smooth, fluid manner and avoid abrupt, jerky movements, other motorists around you will be able to predict where you’ll be a few seconds before you get there. This can be critical in preventing accidents, especially fender benders.

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